Working Papers


IILJ Working Paper 2005/17 (Global Administrative Law Series)

Decentralized Administrative Law in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

James Salzman

IILJ Working Paper 2005/16 (Global Administrative Law Series)

Cooption and Resistance: Two Faces of Global Administrative Law

B.S. Chimni

IILJ Working Paper 2005/8 (History and Theory of International Law Series)

Two-Dimensional Democracy, National and International

Philip Pettit

ILLJ Working Paper 2005/5 (Global Administrative Law Series)

Interpreting the Hague Abduction Convention: In Search of a Global Jurisprudence

Linda Silberman

IILJ Working Paper 2005/4 (Global Administrative Law Series)

Global Private Governance: Lessons from a National Model of Setting Standards in Accounting

Walter MattliTim Büthe


IILJ Working Paper 2004/8 (History and Theory of International Law Series)

Puzzles and Solutions: Appreciating Carl Schmitt’s Work on International Law as Answers to the Dilemmas of his Weimar Political Theory

Christoph Burchard

IILJ Working Paper 2004/7 (Global Administrative Law Series)

Accountability and Abuses of Power in World Politics

Ruth W. GrantRobert O. Keohane

IILJ Working Paper 2004/5 (Global Administrative Law Series)

Democratic Politics: Will the Globe Echo the E.U.?

Martin Shapiro

IILJ Working Paper 2004/4 (Global Administrative Law Series)

Shrimps, Turtles and Procedure: Global Standards for National Administrations

Sabino Cassese

IILJ Working Paper 2004/3 (Global Administrative Law Series)

Public Choice and Global Administrative Law: Who’s Afraid of Executive Discretion?

Eyal Benvenisti

IILJ Working Paper 2004/1 (Global Administrative Law Series)

The Emergence of Global Administrative Law

Benedict KingsburyNico KrischRichard B. Stewart

IILJ Working Paper 2004/6 (Global Administrative Law Series)

Informal Procedure, Hard and Soft, in International Administration

David Zaring


IILJ Working Paper 2003/4 (History and Theory of International Law Series)

The Idea of Non-Discriminating War and Japan

Masaharu Yanagihara

IILJ Working Paper 2003/3 (History and Theory of International Law Series)

Postnational Constitutionalism and the Problem of Translation

Neil Walker

IILJ Working Paper 2003/2 (History and Theory of International Law Series)

Taking Embedded Liberalism Global: The Corporate Connection

John Gerard Ruggie

IILJ Working Paper 2003/1 (History and Theory of International Law Series)

The International Legal Order

Benedict Kingsbury