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The IILJ hosts conferences, workshops, colloquia, and informal gatherings throughout the year.


2022 ICON-S Annual Conference

Jul 4 6, 2022

The International Society of Public Law will hold their 2022 Annual Conference July 4 – 6 in Wrocław, Poland.

Global Meeting on Law & Society

Jul 13 16, 2022

The Law & Society Association (LSA) will hold a Global Meeting on Law and Society in Lisbon, Portugal, from July 13-16, 2022.

Stockholm + 50: International Environmental Law in Perspective

Sep 15 17, 2022

The emphasis of “Stockholm+50: International Environmental Law in Perspective” is on stock-taking of the developments of the past half-a century, since the 1972 Stockholm Conference, with a view of analysing and assessing the impact, mistakes and success stories.

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Institutional Modularity in Anti-corruption Enforcement

Professor Kevin Davis has published a piece for the online symposium Corrupting Democracy: Interrogating the Role of Law in the Fight against Corruption and its Impact on (Democratic) Politics hosted by Verfassungsblog. >

International Law & Popular Culture Symposium

By discussing popular culture from an IL perspective, we hope to: imagine alternatives of what the world could be, offering many possible visions of human beings, law, and justice; engage with students by making connections between popular culture and international law; and create a space for conversation.>

Christine Chinkin’s Women, Peace and Security and International Law Book Launch Recording

Watch Christine Chinkin in conversation with commentators from around the world>

The ‘Americanization’ of International Investment Law

The UN’s Audiovisual Library has made The ‘Americanization’ of International Investment Law, a set of lectures by Prof. J.E. Alvarez, available>

Legal Responses to Black Subordination, Global Perspectives

Professor Kevin E. Davis recently published 'Legal Responses to Black Subordination, Global Perspectives' in the Harvard Law Review Forum.>

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