The IILJ’s publications include numerous books, articles, chapters, journal symposia, and research reports. The Institute publishes the IILJ Working Papers and the IILJ Emerging Scholars Papers.

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IILJ Working Paper 2020/2 (Global Administrative Law Series)

Frontiers of Global Administrative Law in the 2020s

Benedict Kingsbury

IILJ Working Paper 2020/1 (InfraReg Series)

Infrastructure and InfraReg: On Rousing the International Law ‘Wizards of Is’

Benedict Kingsbury

IILJ Working Paper 2019/1 (MegaReg Series)

The Essence, Significance, and Problems of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Benedict Kingsbury(et al)

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Preventing Violations: The Promise of Due Diligence for the International Financial Corporation

Ellen C. CampbellElizabeth DominicSnezhana StadnikYuanzhou (Jo) Wu

Empowering the Inspection Panel

Christina PassoniAriel RosenbaumEleanor Vermunt


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iCourts Working Paper Series, No. 214

Mythic Courts

José E. Alvarez

8(2) Cambridge International Law Journal 2019

Infrastructure and InfraReg: on Rousing the International Law ‘Wizards of Is’

Benedict Kingsbury

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Chapter in Cambridge Companion to International Law (Crawford & Koskenniemi eds. 2012)

International Courts: Uneven Judicialization in Global Order

Benedict Kingsbury

Chapter in The Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law (Wolfrum ed. 2012)

Indigenous Peoples

Benedict Kingsbury