The IILJ’s publications include numerous books, articles, chapters, journal symposia, and research reports. The Institute publishes the IILJ Working Papers and the IILJ Emerging Scholars Papers.

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IILJ Working Paper 2023/2

International Regulation of Law Enforcement

Kevin E. Davis

IILJ Working Paper 2023/1 (History and Theory of International Law Series)

Recovering Social Rights

Nehal Bhuta

IILJ Working Paper 2022/2

Human Rights in a Use Case World

Benedict Kingsbury

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24 Journal of World Investment & Trade 907 (2023)

The European Investment Bank Complaints Mechanism: Its Potential and Limitations

Ayşegül Kula

88(4) The International Journal of Arbitration, Mediation and Dispute Management 595 (2022)

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Overlooked Procedural Deficiencies in ICSID’s Annulment Structure

Daniel Rosenberg

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Chapter in Research Handbook on International Law and Cities (Aust & Nijman eds. 2021)

Global Administrative Law and Cities: The Perfect Couple that Never Was

Edouard Fromageau

Chapter in The Frontiers of Public Law (Varuhas & Stark eds. 2020)

Frontiers of Global Administrative Law in the 2020s

Benedict Kingsbury