The IILJ’s publications include numerous books, articles, chapters, journal symposia, and research reports. The Institute publishes the IILJ Working Papers and the IILJ Emerging Scholars Papers.

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IILJ Working Paper 2019/1 (MegaReg Series)

The Essence, Significance, and Problems of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Benedict Kingsbury(et al)

IILJ Working Paper 2019/2 (MegaReg Series)

The Trans-Pacific Partnership as Megaregulation

Benedict KingsburyPaul MertenskötterRichard B. StewartThomas Streinz

IILJ Working Paper 2018/6 (MegaReg Series)

What is International Trade Law for?

Harlan G. Cohen

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Preventing Violations: The Promise of Due Diligence for the International Financial Corporation

Ellen C. CampbellElizabeth DominicSnezhana StadnikYuanzhou (Jo) Wu

Empowering the Inspection Panel

Christina PassoniAriel RosenbaumEleanor Vermunt


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8(2) Cambridge International Law Journal 2019

Infrastructure and InfraReg: on Rousing the International Law ‘Wizards of Is’

Benedict Kingsbury

13(2) International Journal of Constitutional Law 2015

The Normative Dimensions and Performance of Global Administrative Law

Richard B. Stewart

13(2) International Journal of Constitutional Law 2015

What if Global Administrative Law is a Normative Project?

Mario Savino

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Chapter in Cambridge Companion to International Law (Crawford & Koskenniemi eds. 2012)

International Courts: Uneven Judicialization in Global Order

Benedict Kingsbury

Chapter in The Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law (Wolfrum ed. 2012)

Indigenous Peoples

Benedict Kingsbury