Working Papers

The IILJ has been publishing the IILJ Working Papers since 2003. They feature in the Global Administrative Law series, the History and Theory of International Law series, the International Economic Law series and most recently the MegaReg and InfraReg series.

Working Papers are issued at the responsibility of their authors, and do not reflect views of NYU, the IILJ, or associated personnel.


IILJ Working Paper 2023/1 (History and Theory of International Law Series)

Recovering Social Rights

Nehal Bhuta

IILJ Working Paper 2023/2

International Regulation of Law Enforcement

Kevin E. Davis


IILJ Working Paper 2022/1 (History and Theory of International Law Series)

A Thousand Flowers Blooming, or the Desert of the Real? International Law and its many problems of history

Nehal Bhuta

IILJ Working Paper 2022/2

Human Rights in a Use Case World

Benedict Kingsbury


IILJ Working Paper 2021/1

Confronting Data Inequality

Angelina FisherThomas Streinz

IILJ Working Paper 2021/2 (Infrareg Series)

Virtual Borders – International Law and the Elusive Inequalities of Algorithmic Association

Dimitri Van Den Meerssche

IILJ Working Paper 2021/3 (Infrareg Series)

Infrastructures and Laws: Publics and Publicness

Benedict KingsburyNahuel Maisley

IILJ Working Paper 2021/4 (History and Theory of International Law Series)

Hobbes and the Plague Doctors

Benedict Kingsbury

IILJ Working Paper 2021/5 (Infrareg Series)

Infrastructural Developmentalism and its Many Types of Global Law

Alejandro Rodiles

IILJ Working Paper 2021/6 (International Economic Law Series)

ISDS Reform: The Long View

José E. Alvarez


IILJ Working Paper 2020/1 (InfraReg Series)

Infrastructure and InfraReg: On Rousing the International Law ‘Wizards of Is’

Benedict Kingsbury

IILJ Working Paper 2020/2 (Global Administrative Law Series)

Frontiers of Global Administrative Law in the 2020s

Benedict Kingsbury


IILJ Working Paper 2019/2 (MegaReg Series)

The Trans-Pacific Partnership as Megaregulation

Benedict KingsburyPaul MertenskötterRichard B. StewartThomas Streinz

IILJ Working Paper 2019/1 (MegaReg Series)

The Essence, Significance, and Problems of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Benedict Kingsbury(et al)


IILJ Working Paper 2018/6 (MegaReg Series)

What is International Trade Law for?

Harlan G. Cohen

IILJ Working Paper 2018/4 (MegaReg Series)

The Private Law Critique of International Investment Law

Julian Arato

IILJ Working Paper 2018/3 (MegaReg Series)

The Lessons of TPP and the Future of Labor Chapters in Trade Agreements

Alvaro Santos

IILJ Working Paper 2018/2 (MegaReg Series)

Remote Control: Treaty Requirements for Regulatory Procedures

Paul MertenskötterRichard B. Stewart


IILJ Working Paper 2017/4 (MegaReg Series)

The RCEP, New Asian Regionalism and the Global South

Pasha L. Hsieh

IILJ Working Paper 2017/1 (MegaReg Series)

International Investment Law and Arbitration: A Conceptual Framework

Robert Howse

IILJ Working Paper 2017/3 (MegaReg Series)

China and Global Regulatory Coherence: An Uneasy Relationship?

Han-Wei LiuChing-Fu Lin


IILJ Working Paper 2016/6 (Global Administrative Law Series)

Is Investor-State Arbitration “Public”?

José E. Alvarez

IILJ Working Paper 2016/4 (Global Administrative Law Series)

International Organizations and the Rule of Law

José E. Alvarez

IILJ Working Paper 2016/2 (MegaReg Series)

Democracy Captured: The Mega-Regional Agreements and the Future of Global Public Law

Eyal Benvenisti

IILJ Working Paper 2016/1 (MegaReg Series)

State Regulatory Capacity and Administrative Law and Governance Under Globalization

Richard B. Stewart
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