Working Papers


ILLJ Working Paper 2013/5 (International Economic Law Series)

How Important Can the Non-Violation Clause be for the GATT/WTO?

Robert W. StaigerAlan O. Sykes

IILJ Working Paper 2013/2 (Global Administrative Law Series)

Organizational Ecology and Organizational Strategies in World Politics

Kenneth W. AbbottJessica F. GreenRobert O. Keohane


IILJ Working Paper 2012/3

Foreign Affairs and Enforcement of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Stephen J. ChoiKevin E. Davis

IILJ Working Paper 2012/2 (History and Theory of International Law Series)

The Past as Law or History? The Relevance of Imperialism for Modern International Law

Anne Orford

IILJ Working Paper 2012/1 (Global Administrative Law Series)

Private International Law Beyond the Schism

Horatia Muir Watt


IILJ Working Paper 2011/1 (History and Theory of International Law Series)

The Emergence of Global Administrative Law and Transnational Regulation

Karl-Heinz Ladeur


IILJ Working Paper 2010/5 (Global Administrative Law Series)

The Making of a Lex Sportiva: The Court of Arbitration for Sport “The Provider”

Lorenzo Casini

IILJ Working Paper 2010/3

Revisiting the Necessity Defense: Continental Casualty v. Argentina

José E. AlvarezTegan Brink

IILJ Working Paper 2010/2 (Revised)

Indicators as a Technology of Global Governance

Kevin E. DavisBenedict KingsburySally Engle Merry


IILJ Working Paper 2009/9 (Global Administrative Law Series)

Global Administrative Law Dimensions of International Organizations Law

Benedict KingsburyLorenzo Casini

IILJ Working Paper 2009/8 (History and Theory of International Law Series)

The Johor-VOC Alliance and the Twelve Years’ Truce: Factionalism, Intrigue and International Diplomacy

Peter Borschberg

IILJ Working Paper 2009/7 (Global Administrative Law Series)

The World Trade Organization and Global Administrative Law

Richard B. StewartMichelle Ratton Sanchez Badin

IILJ Working Paper 2009/6 (Global Administrative Law Series)

Investor-State Arbitration as Governance: Fair and Equitable Treatment, Proportionality and the Emerging Global Administrative Law

Benedict KingsburyStephan W. Schill

IILJ Working Paper 2009/2 (Global Administrative Law Series)

The Exercise of International Public Authority through National Policy Assessment

Armin von BogdandyMatthias Goldmann

IILJ Working Paper 2009/1 (Global Administrative Law Series)

The Concept of “Law” in Global Administrative Law

Benedict Kingsbury


IILJ Working Paper 2008/10 (Financing Development Series)

“Financing Development” as a Field of Practice, Study and Innovation

Kevin E. Davis

IILJ Working Paper 2008/8

Human Dignity and Judicial Interpretation of Human Rights

Christopher McCrudden

IILJ Working Paper 2008/7 (Global Administrative Law Series)

Accountability and the Concept of (Global) Administrative Law

David Dyzenhaus

IILJ Working Paper 2008/4 (Global Administrative Law Series)

Fostering Dynamic Innovation, Development and Trade: Intellectual Property as a Case Study in Global Administrative Law

Rochelle C. Dreyfuss

IILJ Working Paper 2008/3

Universalism and Particularism as Paradigms of International Law

Armin von BogdandySergio Dellavalle

IILJ Working Paper 2008/1 (History and Theory of International Law Series)

The Rhetoric of Eunomia

Euan MacDonald