Working Papers


IILJ Working Paper 2007/12 (Global Administrative Law Series)

Constructing and Contesting Legitimacy and Accountability in Polycentric Regulatory Regimes

Julia Black

IILJ Working Paper 2007/11 (Global Administrative Law Series)

The Immunity of International Organizations and the Jurisdiction of Their Administrative Tribunals

August Reinisch

IILJ Working Paper 2007/10 (Global Administrative Law Series)

Vote-Trading International Institutions

Ofer Eldar

IILJ Working Paper 2007/9 (Global Administrative Law Series)

WMD Terrorism and Security Council Resolution 1540: Conditions for Legitimacy in International Legislation

Masahiko Asada

IILJ Working Paper 2007/7 (History and Theory of International Law Series)

The Peace of Westphalia (1648) as a Secular Constitution

Benjamin Straumann

IILJ Working Paper 2007/6 (Global Administrative Law Series)

The Empire’s New Clothes: Political Economy and the Fragmentation of International Law

Eyal BenvenistiGeorge W. Downs

IILJ Working Paper 2007/5 (Global Administrative Law Series)

Accountability in a Global Context

John Ferejohn


IILJ Working Paper 2006/11 (History and Theory of International Law Series)

Is Modern Liberty Ancient? Roman Remedies and Natural Rights in Hugo Grotius’ Early Works on Natural Law

Benjamin Straumann

IILJ Working Paper 2006/7 (History and Theory of International Law Series)

Grotius, the Social Contract and Political Resistance A Study of the Unpublished Theses LVI

Peter Borschberg

IILJ Working Paper 2006/6 (Global Administrative Law Series)

Fair and Equitable Treatment under Investment Treaties as an Embodiment of the Rule of Law

Stephan W. Schill

IILJ Working Paper 2006/4 (History and Theory of International Law Series)

Kelsen Lives

Alexander Somek

IILJ Working Paper 2006/1 (History and Theory of International Law Series)

Georg Friedrich Von Martens (1756-1821) and the Origins of Modern International Law

Martti Koskenniemi


IILJ Working Paper 2005/17 (Global Administrative Law Series)

Decentralized Administrative Law in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

James Salzman

IILJ Working Paper 2005/16 (Global Administrative Law Series)

Cooption and Resistance: Two Faces of Global Administrative Law

B.S. Chimni

IILJ Working Paper 2005/15 (History and Theory of International Law Series)

Political Theory and Jurisprudence in Gentili’s De Iure Belli

ILJ Working Paper 2005/14 (History and Theory of International Law Series)

Hugo Grotius’ Theory of Trans-Oceanic Trade Regulation: Revisiting Mare Liberum (1609)

Peter Borschberg

ILLJ Working Paper 2005/5 (Global Administrative Law Series)

Interpreting the Hague Abduction Convention: In Search of a Global Jurisprudence

Linda Silberman

IILJ Working Paper 2005/4 (Global Administrative Law Series)

Global Private Governance: Lessons from a National Model of Setting Standards in Accounting

Walter MattliTim Büthe

IILJ Working Paper 2005/3 (Global Administrative Law Series)

International Organizations and Private Subjects: A Move Toward A Global Administrative Law?

Stefano Battini

IILJ Working Paper 2005/2 (Global Administrative Law Series)

Divergent Legal Conceptions of the State: Implications for Global Administrative Law

Janet McLean

IILJ Working Paper 2005/1 (Global Administrative Law Series)

The Rule of (Administrative) Law in International Law

David Dyzenhaus