Cambridge University Press 2019

Conversations on Justice from National, International, and Global Perspectives Dialogues with Leading Thinkers

Conversations on Justice from National, International, and Global Perspectives: Dialogues with Leading Thinkers (Cambridge University Press, 2019) is a book consisting of interviews by its editor with “leading thinkers” on justice. One of those interviews is with Professor José E. Alvarez. That interview, entitled International Organizations and Global Justice, is described in the introduction as: “Alvarez…explores the role of international organizations as major actors of international law. Despite all their limitations and even pathologies, international organizations have a key role to play in the networks of norms and institutions of global governance. Alvarez identifies the challenges and opportunities that are now facing international organizations. In addition, he shares his views on the need to internationalize international law and what this means for research, teaching, and practice.”



Introduction: Setting the Stage for Conversations on Justice Jean-Marc Coicaud

Part I Global Knowledge/Global Thought

Global Order and Global Knowledge Boaventura de Sousa Santos

China and Thinking Globally at the Turn of the Century Wang Hui

Oh, [Muslim] Believers: Be Just, That is Always Closer to True Piety  Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na`im

Part II From Thinking Globally to Global Ethics

Extent and Limits of Global Justice David Miller

Minority Rights, Secularism, and Justice Neera Chandhoke

Decent Society, Memory, and Compromise  Avishai Margalit

Global Ethics and Global Justice Thomas W. Pogge

Part III International Law and Global Justice

International Law as the Articulation of Universalism and Pluralism Mireille Delmas-Marty

International Law and the Question of Its Transcivilizational Possibility Onuma Yasuaki

International Organizations and Global Justice José E. Alvarez

Part IV World Order and Global Policy

Global Justice and Global Peace Charles A. Kupchan

International Economics and Development Michael Spence

Principles and Institutions of Global Justice David Held

Part V Concluding Thoughts

Tomorrow and the Quest for Justice Jean-Marc Coicaud and Lynette E. Sieger