Benedict Kingsbury

Benedict Kingsbury is the Director of the Institute for International Law and Justice. He is the author of numerous books and articles on international law.


International Financial Institutions and Global Legal Governance

Hassane CisséDaniel D. BradlowBenedict Kingsbury

Hugo Grotius and International Relations

Hedley BullBenedict Kingsbury

Governance by Indicators

Kevin E. DavisAngelina FisherBenedict KingsburySally Engle Merry

The Quiet Power of Indicators

Sally Engle MerryKevin E. DavisBenedict Kingsbury

Hacia el Derecho Administativo Global

Benedict KingsburyRichard B. Stewart

The Wars of the Romans: A Critical Edition and Translation of De Armis Romanis

Alberico GentiliBenedict KingsburyBenjamin StraumannDavid Lupher


Global Administrative Law and Deliberative Democracy

Benedict KingsburyMegan DonaldsonRodrigo Vallejo>

Sovereignty and Inequality

Benedict Kingsbury>

Global Administrative Law

Benedict KingsburyMegan Donaldson>

Indigenous Peoples

Benedict Kingsbury>

Introduction: Roman Foundations of the Law of Nations

Benedict KingsburyBenjamin Straumann>

Introduction: Roman Wars and Roman Laws

Benedict KingsburyBenjamin Straumann>


Indicators as a Technology of Global Governance

Kevin E. DavisBenedict KingsburySally Engle Merry>

The Emergence of Global Administrative Law

Benedict KingsburyNico KrischRichard B. Stewart>

Sovereignty and Inequality

Benedict Kingsbury>

Preface: Studying the Armed Activities Decision

Benedict KingsburyJoseph H. H. Weiler>

Working Papers