99 Am. Soc’y Int’l. L. Proc. 143 (2005)

The Administrative Law Frontier in Global Governance

Benedict Kingsbury

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This paper argues in part I that a body of global administrative law is under construction, and that this growing body of law is better analyzed as part of the new jus gentium rather than being analyzed simply under the traditional international law model of jus inter gentes. In part II it is suggested that the roles global administrative law may play in building and delimiting global governance in specialist areas vary, depending whether the dominant dy­namic in a particular area of governance is interstate pluralism, interstate solidarism, or transnational cosmopolitanism. The conclusion briefly notes some nonnative objections to the idea of global administrative law, but suggests that, on balance, global administrative law could offer a valuable way forward in structuring global governance and ameliorating some of its problems.