Chapter in Climate Finance: Regulatory and Funding Strategies for Climate Change and Global Development (Stewart, Kingsbury & Rudyk eds. 2009)

Climate Finance for Limiting Emissions and Promoting Green Development: Mechanisms, Regulation, and Governance

Benedict Kingsbury, Richard B. Stewart & Bryce Rudyk

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Climate finance is a critical element of global climate policy that has received far less attention than emissions limitations and climate regulatory architectures. This book redresses this deficit. It focuses on what is required to meet the need for vastly increased funding for climate mitigation and green development in developing countries. It presents new proposals to generate climate financing from both private and public sources and to deliver funds through means that will engage developing countries, build mutual trust, and secure effective long-term emissions reductions. The book also examines the vital but often neglected regulatory, trade, tax, and governance elements of global climate finance. Its proposals and analysis are designed to enrich the political and policy debate, not only for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) process but more broadly. The complex issues of global climate finance cannot be resolved in a single agreement or a single forum; they will continue to demand fresh insights and creative approaches like those presented in this volume.