The IILJ has published a number of books over the years. Benedict Kingsbury and Richard B. Stewart, together with Andrew Hurell, edit the Law and Global Governance series for Oxford University Press.

Rethinking Participation in Global Governance

Joost PauwelynMartino MaggettiTim BütheAyelet Berman

Tax, Inequality, and Human Rights

Philip AlstonNikki Reisch

Hacia el Derecho Administativo Global

Benedict KingsburyRichard B. Stewart

The Quiet Power of Indicators

Sally Engle MerryKevin E. DavisBenedict Kingsbury

Private International Law and Global Governance

Horatia Muir WattDiego Fernandez Arroyo

Balancing Wealth and Health

Rochelle C. DreyfussCésar Rodríguez Garavito

Governance by Indicators

Kevin E. DavisAngelina FisherBenedict KingsburySally Engle Merry

International Financial Institutions and Global Legal Governance

Hassane CisséDaniel D. BradlowBenedict Kingsbury

The Wars of the Romans: A Critical Edition and Translation of De Armis Romanis

Alberico GentiliBenedict KingsburyBenjamin StraumannDavid Lupher

Hugo Grotius and International Relations

Hedley BullBenedict Kingsbury