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IILJ History and Theory of International Law Workshop

The Process of International Legal Reproduction: Inequality, Historiography, Resistance>

Book Launch for Megaregulation Contested (OUP, 2019) in Tokyo

On 21 October 2019, the IILJ launched Megaregulation Contested: Global Economic Ordering After TPP at an event in Tokyo co-hosted by the The National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS). >

IILJ History and Theory of International Law Workshop

The Emergence of the Concept of a 'Welfare State' in British Political Discourse, 1940-1950>

Book Launch for Megaregulation Contested (OUP, 2019) in Chile

On 1 July 2019, the IILJ launched Megaregulation Contested: Global Economic Ordering After TPP (OUP, 2019) at an event co-hosted by the Centro Estudios Internacionales at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.>

IILJ at ICON-S 2019 Annual Conference

Panels on "Global Data Governance" and the "Future of International Organizations Global Public Law of Private Infrastructure" included discussions of IILJ research>

IILJ Infrastructure Workshop Buenos Aires

The first week of July 2019, the IILJ InfraReg Project held a series of workshops on infrastructure as regulation at the Gioja Institute of the University of Buenos Aires Law School. >

Call for Papers: ‘Football Feminism – Global Governance Perspectives’ Symposium

Symposium on February 24 – 25, 2020 at NYU Law. Deadline for abstracts: July 15, 2019.>

Graduating IILJ Scholars Receive Convocation Awards

The IILJ congratulates our graduating Scholars, and wishes them the best of luck on their next adventures!>

Hermann Heller’s Sovereignty

"Hermann Heller’s Sovereignty: A Contribution to the Theory of Public and International Law" (edited and introduced by David Dyzenhaus, translated by Belinda Cooper) is the latest release in Oxford University Press's History and Theory of International Law series.>

A Conversation with Guy Ryder, Director-General of the ILO

On 9 April, 2019, Guy Ryder, Director-General of the ILO, visited NYU School of Law for a conversation with J.E. Alvarez and David Malone. A recording of this conversation is now available.>

New for LLMs: The LLM Public Interest Fellowship

Two Fellows will be selected to do 12 weeks of work at a host organization of their choosing. Fellowships will commence in the summer or fall of 2020 and applications will be due in early February 2020.>

NYU School of Law Students Participate in Salzburg Cutler Fellows Program

Adj. Prof. Thomas Streinz and students Deirdre Dlugoleski, Belén Ibañez, April Lacson, Felix Boos and Erica Ma represented NYU Law this year.>

Investment Regulation and Sovereign Wealth Funds

Speaker: Winston Ma, China Silkroad Investment Capital; Moderator: Han Yik, World Economic Forum >

Jessup Moot Court Competition: NYU Law Advances

The team collected several awards along the way. Three out of the four oralists were ranked amongst the top ten oralists, and Marwa Farag won the award for best oralist of the competition. >

A Conversation with Dr Fang Liu, Secretary-General of the ICAO

A recording of the conversation between Dr. Fang Liu, Professor Alvarez, and Dr. Malone is now available.>

Mikaela Ediger, former IILJ Scholar, published by NYU Law Review and NYU Journal of International Law & Policy

Her articles are: 'Prosecuting the Crime of Aggression At the International Criminal Court: Lessons from the Tokyo Tribunal' and 'International Law and the Use of Force Against Contested States: The Case of Taiwan'>

Congratulations to Megan Donaldson on her new appointment!

Megan has been appointed Lecturer in Public International Law at University College London, as of September 2019. >

IILJ History and Theory of International Law Workshop

The Energy of Concepts: For a Fregean History of Conceptual and Historical Change>

Call for Applications: Global Fellowships at NYU Law for 2019-2020

NYU Law is accepting applications for the Global Fellows, Emile Noël Fellows, and Visiting Doctoral Researchers programs.>

Call for Applications: International Court of Justice Judicial Fellow Program

A special opportunity for NYU Law graduates with international law experience.>

IILJ History and Theory of International Law Workshop

Between Impunity and Imperialism: The Regulation of Transnational Bribery. >

A Conversation with Judge Hisashi Owada, Former President of the International Court of Justice

At a talk held in the faculty library, Professors José E. Alvarez, Jerome Cohen, and Benedict Kingsbury discussed current issues in international law with Judge Owada.>

“Contemporary Trends in International Law Scholarship” A Talk by Professor José E. Alvarez

Professor Alvarez spoke on contemporary trends in international law scholarship, and shared experiences from his recent five year term as co-editor-in-chief of the American Journal of International Law. >

Data Law in a Global Digital Economy

This symposium examined how law does, should, or can affect data ownership, concentration, and control in a global digital economy. >

IILJ History and Theory of International Law Workshop

Time, Space and Violence in Current Histories of International Law>

“Infrastructures as Regulation” Conference

The IILJ's InfraReg project convened a conference on “Infrastructures-as-Regulation” (InfraReg) 28-29 September 2018 at NYU School of Law. >

IILJ History and Theory of International Law Workshop

Forging Modern States with Imperfect Tools: United Nations Technical Assistance for Public Administration in Decolonized State>

Book Launch: Guy Fiti Sinclair’s ‘To Reform the World’

In this book, Sinclair explores how international organizations have expanded their powers over time without formally amending their founding treaties. International organizations intervene in military, financial, economic, political, social, and cultural affairs, and increasingly take on roles not explicitly assigned to them by law.>

ICON-S 2018 in Hong Kong

Identity, Security, Democracy: Challenges for Public Law>

Annual Meeting of Law and Society 2018 in Toronto

Organized by the Law and Society Association (LSA) and the Canadian Law and Society Association>