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13th Annual Emile Noël Lecture on the State of the (European) Union

Fireside Chat between Judge Marta Cartabia and Professor Joseph Weiler>

15th Annual Emerging Scholarship Conference (2018)

Organized by the IILJ in cooperation with CHRGJ>

ILLJ Colloquium with Fleur Johns: Data, Detection, and the Redistribution of the Sensible in International Law

The IILJ Colloquium "International Law of Google" hosted Fleur Johns, University of New South Wales, for a conversation about her AJIL article 'Data, Detection, and the Redistribution of the Sensible in International Law'>

InfraReg lunchtalk with Fleur Johns: Data-/Infrastructure Humanitarianism

The IILJ welcomed Fleur Johns, University of New South Wales, for a roundtable conversation on data-/infrastructure humanitarianism.>

José Alvarez in conversation with Judge Xue: Challenges Facing the International Court of Justice

Judge XUE Hanqin, Vice-President of the International Court of Justice and Distinguished Global Fellow at NYU Law, participated in a conversation with Professor José E. Alvarez, entitled Challenges Facing the International Court of Justice.>

Facing the Challenge: Regulating Innovation

An open conversation with Cristie Ford>

Benjamin Straumann wins Istvan Hont Book Prize

"Crisis and Constitutionalism" recognized as best book published in intellectual history in 2016 >

José E. Alvarez on the “Human Right of Property”

Available in the UN Audiovisual Library of International Law>

Benjamin Straumann on David Armitage’s Civil Wars

Review essay published in Critical Analysis of Law>

Infraestructuras como Regulación

IILJ at UBA in Buenos Aires>

Megan Donaldson on the “Survival of the Secret Treaty”

Published in the American Journal of International Law>

Jacob Hutt on Compliant Subversion

Publication by an IILJ Scholar>

Contribute to José E. Alvarez’ “50 Ways International Law Hurts Our Lives”

Responding to ASIL's "100 Ways" international law “shapes” our lives>

InfraReg talk with Gregoire Mallard

The IILJ organized an informal interdiscplinary conversation with Gregoire Mallard from the Graduate Institute in Geneva.>

New International Organizations Clinic Reports

Exploring the relevance of human rights law and risk information to World Bank Inspection Panel and International Finance Corporation>

Call for Papers: Thinking about a Global Trade Governance for the 21st Century

Discussing Challenges and Opportunities on the Eve of the WTO´s 11th Ministerial Conference in Buenos Aires>

ICON-S Conference 2017 in Copenhagen

Discussing Courts, Power, and Public Law at the University of Copenhagen. ICON-S 2018 in Hong Kong!>

International Meeting on Law and Society 2017 in Mexico City

MegaReg panel on "Justice in Trade After TPP: Building a New Normative Agenda for Transnational Economic Ordering".>

José E. Alvarez on Lou Henkin and Human Rights

6th annual Henkin lecture at University of Miami School of Law>

Congratulations to our graduating IILJ Scholars!

IILJ scholars win multiple convocation awards >

Talk by José E. Alvarez at MPI Luxembourg

The Use and Misuse of European Human Rights Law in Investor-State Arbitration>

14th Annual Emerging Scholarship Conference (2017)

In cooperation with the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice (CHRGJ)>

Transformative Constitutionalism: Not Only in the Global South

Presentation by Michaela Hailbronner, comments by Sergio Verdugo>

Emile Noël Lecture with Eleanor Sharpston

Advocate General of the Court of Justice of the European Union lecturing on the state of the (European) Union – and of trade deals>

Roundtable Conversation with UN Permanent Mission Legal Advisors

Moderated by IILJ Program Director Angelina Fisher>

Colonial Wars and International Orders in the History of International Law

IILJ Mini Workshop in the International Legal Orders and Their Histories project>

TPP, Brexit, and After: The Uneasy Future of Deep Economic Agreements

Roundtable session at the ASIL annual meeting chaired by IILJ director Benedict Kingsbury>