May 17, 2017

Congratulations to our graduating IILJ Scholars!

IILJ scholars Amith Gupta, Jacob Hutt, Andrew Larkin, and Nathan Yaffe have completed their studies at NYU law and will celebrate their achievements at this week’s graduation event.

Jacob will receive the George P. Foulk Memorial Award for outstanding sincerity and distinguished scholarship.

Nathan will be honored by the following awards and prizes:

Benjamin F. Butler Memorial Award for unusual distinction in scholarship, character, and professional activities
Howard Greenberger Award for outstanding achievement in the area of comparative law
Jerome Lipper Prize for outstanding work in the field of international law
Weinfeld Prize for Scholarship in Procedure and Courts for distinguished scholarship in the areas of federal courts, civil procedure, and practice, evidence, and/or trial practice

Nahuel Maisley, who will receive the Jerome Lipper Award for distinction in the LLM International Legal Studies program, will join the IILJ as a visiting scholar this summer.