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Call for Applications: Global Fellowships at NYU Law for 2019-2020

NYU Law is accepting applications for the Global Fellows, Emile Noël Fellows, and Visiting Doctoral Researchers programs.>

Call for Applications: International Court of Justice Judicial Fellow Program

A special opportunity for NYU Law graduates with international law experience.>

History and Theory of International Law Workshop No 3

A discussion of Professor Kevin Davis’ forthcoming book Between Impunity and Imperialism: The Regulation of Transnational Bribery. >

A Conversation with Judge Hisashi Owada, Former President of the International Court of Justice

At a talk held in the faculty library, Professors José E. Alvarez, Jerome Cohen, and Benedict Kingsbury discussed current issues in international law with Judge Owada.>

“Contemporary Trends in International Law Scholarship” A Talk by Professor José E. Alvarez

Professor Alvarez spoke on contemporary trends in international law scholarship, and shared experiences from his recent five year term as co-editor-in-chief of the American Journal of International Law. >

Data Law in a Global Digital Economy

This symposium examined how law does, should, or can affect data ownership, concentration, and control in a global digital economy. >

Call for Papers: 8th Annual Cambridge International Law Conference 2019

This year, the Conference invites the submission of papers under the theme New Technologies: New Challenges for Democracy and International Law. >

History and Theory of International Law Workshop No 2

"Time, Space and Violence in Current Histories of International Law" was the topic of discussion. >

Guarini Global Law & Tech hiring Research Fellows/Project Leads

Submit your applications as soon as possible.>

History and Theory of International Law Workshop No 1

Guy Fiti Sinclair, Victoria University of Wellington Faculty of Law and winner of the ESIL Book Prize, presented his paper Forging Modern States with Imperfect Tools: United Nations Technical Assistance for Public Administration in Decolonized States.>

Book Launch: Guy Fiti Sinclair’s ‘To Reform the World’

In this book, Sinclair explores how international organizations have expanded their powers over time without formally amending their founding treaties. International organizations intervene in military, financial, economic, political, social, and cultural affairs, and increasingly take on roles not explicitly assigned to them by law.>

IILJ Global Fellows 2018-2019

During the upcoming academic year 2018-2019, the IILJ will host three visiting scholars through the Global Fellows Program. >

ICON-S 2018 in Hong Kong

Identity, Security, Democracy: Challenges for Public Law>

Annual Meeting of Law and Society 2018 in Toronto

Organized by the Law and Society Association (LSA) and the Canadian Law and Society Association>

13th Annual Emile Noël Lecture on the State of the (European) Union

Fireside Chat between Judge Marta Cartabia and Professor Joseph Weiler>

ILLJ Colloquium with Fleur Johns: Data, Detection, and the Redistribution of the Sensible in International Law

The IILJ Colloquium "International Law of Google" hosted Fleur Johns, University of New South Wales, for a conversation about her AJIL article 'Data, Detection, and the Redistribution of the Sensible in International Law'>

InfraReg lunchtalk with Fleur Johns: Data-/Infrastructure Humanitarianism

The IILJ welcomed Fleur Johns, University of New South Wales, for a roundtable conversation on data-/infrastructure humanitarianism.>

José Alvarez in conversation with Judge Xue: Challenges Facing the International Court of Justice

Judge XUE Hanqin, Vice-President of the International Court of Justice and Distinguished Global Fellow at NYU Law, participated in a conversation with Professor José E. Alvarez, entitled Challenges Facing the International Court of Justice.>

Facing the Challenge: Regulating Innovation

An open conversation with Cristie Ford>

Benjamin Straumann wins Istvan Hont Book Prize

"Crisis and Constitutionalism" recognized as best book published in intellectual history in 2016 >

José E. Alvarez on the “Human Right of Property”

Available in the UN Audiovisual Library of International Law>

IILJ Colloquium 2018: The International Law of Google

Convened by Benedict Kingsbury, Thomas Streinz, and Joseph Weiler>

Benjamin Straumann on David Armitage’s Civil Wars

Review essay published in Critical Analysis of Law>

Infraestructuras como Regulación

IILJ at UBA in Buenos Aires>

Megan Donaldson on the “Survival of the Secret Treaty”

Published in the American Journal of International Law>

Jacob Hutt on Compliant Subversion

Publication by an IILJ Scholar>

Contribute to José E. Alvarez’ “50 Ways International Law Hurts Our Lives”

Responding to ASIL's "100 Ways" international law “shapes” our lives>

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