December 1, 2021

Institutional Modularity in Anti-corruption Enforcement

Professor Kevin Davis has published a piece on Institutional Modularity in Anti-corruption Enforcement for the online symposium Corrupting Democracy: Interrogating the Role of Law in the Fight against Corruption and its Impact on (Democratic) Politics hosted by Verfassungsblog.

“In this blog symposim this overarching theme is explored through differently ‘toned’ but equally engaging contributions on Brazil (and South America, in general), China, Nigeria, South Africa, and South Korea that seek to illustrate the corruption predicament across the wide spectrum of global experiences. In the opening piece, Institutional Modularity in Anti-corruption Enforcement: South American experiences Kevin Davis frames the so-called modular approach to anti-corruption enforcement in the context of South America, an approach inspired by the Brazilian experience of coordinating multiple institutions in enforcing anti-corruption legal arrangements that would present the benefit of avoiding issues of merely transplanting Global Northern arrangements to the Global South.” Congratulations on this exciting publication Professor Davis!