December 12, 2017

Infraestructuras como Regulación

The IILJ, the NYU Law Program in Buenos Aires, and the UBACyT project “Principio de autonomía, soberanía popular y teoría de la democracia” organized a workshop on “Infrastructures as Regulation: A Research Global Governance Agenda” at the Sala de Audiencias of the University of Buenos Aires School of Law on Tuesday, December 12, 2017. The discussion was centered on the research agenda of the IILJ’s InfraReg project.

After a brief introduction by Marcelo Alegre (UBA/NYU), Paola Bergallo (UTDT/CONICET) chaired the session and Paloma Szerman (UBA), Nahuel Maisley (UBA/IILJ/CONICET), Paul Mertenskötter (IILJ), and Thomas Streinz (IILJ) presented their ongoing research on physical and digital infrastructures and their regulatory effects.