March 8, 2017

Roundtable Conversation with UN Permanent Mission Legal Advisors


The Institute for International Law and Justice, PILC, and the American Society of International Law’s Government Attorney’s Interest Group hosted a roundtable discussion with the Legal Advisors of four Permanent Missions to the United Nations. The roundtable provided an opportunity for NYU Law students to learn about public international law in government practice, specifically in the context of the United Nations. A panel of Legal Advisors based at their Permanent Missions in New York were at the session to discuss their work, as well as their academic and career paths up until their current assignments.

UN Permanent Mission Legal Advisors:

Mr. James Waweru, Legal Advisor to the Kenyan Mission

Ms. Damaris Carnal, Legal Advisor to the Swiss Mission

Mr. Mark Simonoff, Legal Advisor to the U.S. Mission

Ms. Natalie Y. Morris-Sharma, Legal Advisor to the Singaporean Mission

Moderator: Angelina Fisher, Adjunct Professor of Law, NYU School of Law and Program Director, Institute for International Law and Justice