November 12, 2017

Contribute to José E. Alvarez’ “50 Ways International Law Hurts Our Lives”

On the 100th anniversary of the American Society of International Law, that Society released its “100 Ways” a document enumerating 100 ways that international law “shapes” our lives.  Professor José E. Alvarez, the incoming President of the ASIL at that time, devoted his Presidential speech to introducing a competing list of “50 Ways International Law Hurts Our Lives.”  The Society’s original 100 Ways can be found here, and Alvarez’s presidential speech explaining his 50 Ways can be found here. (The 50 Ways–co-authored with his research assistant at the time–can be found here.)

ASIL is now planning to release an updated version of its 100 Ways.  Pres. Alvarez would like to update his 50 Ways accordingly, perhaps even expanding his list to equal the 100 Ways.

Students, particularly of the critical sort (irrespective of political disposition), are welcome to contribute to Alvarez’s critical 50/100 Ways effort by drafting one or more such contributions (written in the style of the original 100/50 Ways (including a short explanation).  No reward is offered except a guaranteed acknowledgement should your contribution make its way into Alvarez’s final product.  Contributions (to Prof. Alvarez’s email box at will be welcome through March 1st, 2018.