January 22, 2019

History and Theory of International Law Workshop (22 January 2019)

On 22 January 2019, we gathered for our first session of the Spring 2019 History and Theory of International Law Workshops Series. Our topic was The Role of Concepts in Intellectual History.

How can we explain conceptual innovation and change in intellectual history? And how is it possible for concepts sometimes to travel over the historical long-term and to have a causal impact on the history of events? Please join us for a presentation by Alberico Gentili Senior Fellow Benjamin Straumann of his paper The Energy of Concepts: For a Fregean History of Conceptual and Historical Change, which defends ‘analytic contextualism’.  Our discussion of concepts and conceptual change may be of special interest to those who study intellectual history, legal theory, and the history of ideas.


Jeremy Waldron, NYU Law Professor

Tamsin Shaw, NYU Philosophy Professor

Steven Lukes, NYU Sociology Professor

Moderator: Karin Loevy