January 28, 2019

Mikaela Ediger, former IILJ Scholar, published by NYU Law Review and NYU Journal of International Law & Policy

The IILJ is excited to share more good news from one of our alums! Mikaela Ediger, former IILJ Scholar and NYU Law grad, recently published two journal articles:

Prosecuting the Crime of Aggression At the International Criminal Court: Lessons from the Tokyo Tribunal, 51 NYU Journal of International Law & Policy 179 (2018) and

International Law and the Use of Force Against Contested States: The Case of Taiwan, 93 NYU Law Review 1668 (2018).

Mikaela’s other exciting news is that she has joined Morrison & Foerster’s litigation group, based in Tokyo. She advocates for clients in cross-border disputes in a variety of forums, including US courts, administrative agencies, and arbitration venues. She also continues to research issues of international law in East Asia and is working toward further publications in that space. We look forward to seeing more of her writing in the future!