IILJ Colloquium 2012

Change and Stability in International Institutions and Governance

Convened by Professors Benedict Kingsbury and Joseph H.H. Weiler


Public Sessions:

Wednesday, January 25
Harlan Cohen, University of Georgia, “Finding International Law, Part II: Our Fragmenting Legal Community”

Wednesday, February 1
Anthea Roberts, London School of Economics/ Visiting Professor at Harvard University, “Clash of Paradigms: Actors and Analogies Shaping the Investment Treaty System”

Wednesday, February 8
Odette Lienau, Cornell University, “Rethinking Sovereign Debt: The Politics of Reputation in the Twentieth Century”

Wednesday, February 29
Nico Krisch, Harvard University, “From Consent to Consultation: International Law in an Age of Global Public Goods”

Wednesday, March 21
Doreen Lustig, New York University, “The Business of International Law: International Legal Attitudes Toward the Business Enterprise, 1870-1954”

Tuesday, April 3
Jean d’Aspremont, University of Amsterdam, “Formalism and the Sources of International Law” (excerpts)

Wednesday, April 4
Martti Koskenniemi, University of Helsinki/New York University/Visiting Professor at Columbia University, “International Law and the Emergence of Mercantile Capitalism: Grotius to Smith”

Tuesday, April 17
Horatia Muir Watt, SciencesPo, “Private International Law: Beyond the Schism, from Closet to Planet”

Wednesday, April 18
Armin von Bogdandy & Matthias  Goldmann, “Sovereign Debt Restructurings as Exercises of International Public Authority: Towards a Decentralized Sovereign Insolvency Law”