IILJ Colloquium 2005

Rethinking the Table of Contents of International Law

Convened by Professor Joseph H. H. Weiler

Public sessions:

Thursday, January 20
Professor J.H.H. Weiler, NYU School of Law, “Introducing the Project of Rethinking the Table of Contents of International Law”

Thursday, January 27
Professor Benedict Kingsbury, NYU School of Law, “The Problem of Public in Public International Law”

Thursday, February 3
Professor George Fletcher, Columbia University Law School, “The Law of Nations from the Perspective of Nine”

Thursday, February 10
 Professor W. Michael Riesman, Yale University Law School, “The Democratization of Contemporary International Law-Making Processes and the Differentiation of Their Application”

Thursday, February 17
Professor David Golove, NYU School of Law, “Rethinking the Relationship between International and National Law”

Thursday, February 24
Gerry Simpson, London School of Economics, “The Guises of Sovereignty”

Thursday, March 3
Nico Krisch, Merton College, Oxford University, “The Institutions of International Government”

Thursday, March 10
Judge Bruno Simma, International Court of Justice, “The Impact of Human Rights on the Development of International Law”

Thursday, March 24
Professor Anne Orford, University of Melbourne Law School, “Globalization and Immortality”

Thursday, March 31
 Professor J.R. Crawford, Cambridge University, “State Responsibility and Democracy”

Thursday, April 7
Professor Eyal Benvenist, Tel Aviv University, “International Law’s Unwritten Rules”

Thursady, April 14
Vice Dean Moshe Hirsch, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, “Rethinking International Economic Law”

Thursday, April 21
Professor Richard Stewart, NYU School of Law, “Rethinking International Environmental Law”