IILJ Colloquium

The IILJ Colloquium each Spring examines major theoretical issues in international law and provides a forum in which leading scholars present papers and students and faculty discuss them in a roundtable format. Speaker sessions are open to everyone in the NYU community.

The Colloquium in Spring 2018 was convened by Benedict Kingsbury, Thomas Streinz, and Joseph H.H. Weiler. It featured cutting edge work on “The International Law of Google”: Digital Economy Companies and Transnational Legal Orders. This course will be taught as the Guarini Colloquium: The International Law of Global Digital Corporations in Fall 2018.

The IILJ Colloquium in Spring 2019 will be convened by Benedict Kingsbury and Sally Engle Merry. It will discuss “Infrastructure, Rights and Regulation” in connection with the IILJ’s new InfraReg project.