IILJ Colloquium 2007

Compliance with International Human Rights Law: Contemporary Perspectives

Convened by Professor Philip Alston


Public sessions:

Monday, January 8
Philip Alston, NYU School of Law, “Introduction to the Colloquium and Overview of Issues Relating to Compliance”

Monday, January 22
Gerald Neuman, Harvard Law School, “The Inter-American Court of Human Rights: So Far From Heaven, So Near to the OAS”

Monday, January 29
Laurence Helfer, Vanderbilt University, “Redesigning the European Court of Human Rights: From International Tribunal to Constitutional Court”

Monday, February 5
Frédéric Mégret, McGill University, “The UN Security Council and Human Rights”

Monday, February 12
Ryan Goodman, NYU School of Law, “The Interface between Domestic and International Law: the Process of Socialization”

Tuesday, February 20
Martti Koskenniemi, The Academy of Finland, “Human Rights ‘Mainstreaming’: A Response to Fragmentation or Human Rights Imperialism by Another Name?”

Monday, February 26
Alexander Orakhelashvili, Jesus College, Oxford University, “The Interaction Between Human Rights and Humanitarian Law: a Case of Fragmentation?”

Monday, March 5
Kenneth Anderson, American University and Stanford University, “The US and International Monitoring — Can the Superpower be Held to Account by International Mechanisms?”

Monday, March 19
Rosa Brooks, Georgetown University Law Center and the Open Society Institute, “How and Why Norms Prohibiting Torture Eroded so Rapidly Post 9/11”

Monday, March 26
James Hathaway, Michigan Law School, “What’s All the Fuss About Human Trafficking?”

Monday, April 2
Kathryn Sikkink, University of Minnesota, “An Empirical Study of the Impact of Human Rights Trials on Respect for Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law”

Monday, April 9
Murray Hunt, Legal Adviser to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights, UK Parliament, Westminster. Outline and readings Part 1, Part 2 “The Interface Between Domestic and International Human Rights Law in Practice”

Monday, April 16
Beth Simmons, Harvard University, “Perspectives on State Compliance with International Human Rights Law”