Hauser Colloquium 2012

Convened by Professor Ryan Goodman

Public sessions:

September 6
Professor Derek Jinks, University of Texas Law School: Socializing States: Promoting Human Rights through International Law

September 20
Professor Brian Greenhill, Dartmouth College: Norm Transmission in International Organizations: The Case of Gay Rights and Women’s Rights

October 4
Professor Steven R. Ratner, University of Michigan Law School: The Thin Justice of International Law

October 11
Professor Emilie M. Hafner-Burton, University of San Diego: Making Human Rights A Reality

October 25
Professor Judith Kelley
From Scrutiny to Shame: Social Pressure in US Anti-Human Trafficking Policy

November 8
Professors Karen Alter and Laurence Helfer
A New International Human Rights Court for West Africa: The Court of Justice for the Economic Community of West Africa States.

November 15
Professor Tom Ginsburg Constitutions, International Law and War

November 29
Professor Katerina Linos The Democratic Foundations of Policy Diffusion