Hauser Colloquium

The topics of the Hauser Colloquium rotate annually amongst the particular interests of different IILJ faculty conveners. For one semester each year, a weekly colloquium brings leading scholars from around the world to discuss their research with students,visiting fellows, and faculty.

The Hauser Colloquium 2018 is being convened by Professor Joseph H. H. Weiler. It discusses “The Beautiful Game: Football (Soccer), FIFA and the Governance of Transnational Sport”.

The Hauser Colloquium is an initiative of the Institute for International Law and Justice and the Hauser Global Law School Program. Through class discussion and written papers, students consider core theoretical issues such as: the meanings and usages of concepts of “governance,” “civil society”, “democracy”, and “accountability” in the context of increasing international interdependence; the significance of rising global inequality; relations between international and national law; arguments for and against regulation by formal institutions; the need for and prospects of international administrative law; and unmet demands for justice and fairness at the global level.