Hauser Colloquium 2013

Convened by Professor Ryan Goodman

Public sessions:

September 5
Luis Moreno Ocampo : Gaddafi’s Case: How the UN Security Council Defined the Norms on Global Security

September 19
Professor Gary Bass, Princeton University: The Blood Telegram: Nixon, Kissinger, and a Forgotten Genocide

October 3
Professors Rick Pildes and Sam Issacharoff, NYU School of Law: Targeted Warfare:  The Individuation of Enemy Responsibility

October 17
Professor David B. Carter, Princeton University: Provocation and the Strategy of Terrorist and Guerilla Attacks

October 24
Professor Fionnuala Ní Aoláin, University of Minnesota Law School: Gendered Harms and their Interface with International Criminal Law: Norms, Challenges and Domestication

October 31
Professor Eyal Benvenisti, Tel Aviv University Law School: War as Governance: Explaining the Logic of the Laws of War from a Principal-Agent Perspective

November 7
Professor Page Fortna, Columbia University: Choosing Terror: Efficacy and Legitimacy Costs in Rebel Groups’ Use of Terrorism in Civil Wars

November 14
Professor Barbara Koremenos, University of Michigan: Explaining Away the Human Rights Dummy

November 21
Professor Robert Chesney University of Texas School of Law: Postwar