IILJ Colloquium

The IILJ colloquium each Spring examines major theoretical issues in international law and provides a forum in which leading scholars present papers and students and faculty discuss them in a roundtable format. Speaker sessions are open to everyone in the NYU community. Papers will usually be available on this website the week before the particular session.

The Colloquium in Spring 2017 will be convened by Benedict Kingsbury and Joseph H.H. Weiler. It will feature cutting edge work on Digital Economy Companies and Transnational Legal Orders. (A more aphoristic but too narrow title is: “The International Law of Google.”) This will be a collective learning course, wiki-style, exploring law and international legal reconstruction partly from the standpoint of major companies and governments as well as advocates and institutions. The major aim is to think collectively about how law or law-like structures work in the internet era; to explore and generate ideas and agendas that engage creatively with cyberspace, massive electronic information, and the roles of digital economy companies; and to promote high-quality student scholarship with a view to publication as well as thoughtful reading of scholarly work.