MegaReg is publishing a working paper series under the umbrella of the established IILJ Working Papers.

IILJ Working Paper 2019/1 (MegaReg Series)

The Essence, Significance, and Problems of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Benedict Kingsbury(et al)

IILJ Working Paper 2019/2 (MegaReg Series)

The Trans-Pacific Partnership as Megaregulation

Benedict KingsburyPaul MertenskötterRichard B. StewartThomas Streinz

IILJ Working Paper 2018/4 (MegaReg Series)

The Private Law Critique of International Investment Law

Julian Arato

IILJ Working Paper 2018/3 (MegaReg Series)

The Lessons of TPP and the Future of Labor Chapters in Trade Agreements

Alvaro Santos

IILJ Working Paper 2018/2 (MegaReg Series)

Remote Control: Treaty Requirements for Regulatory Procedures

Paul MertenskötterRichard B. Stewart

IILJ Working Paper 2017/4 (MegaReg Series)

The RCEP, New Asian Regionalism and the Global South

Pasha L. Hsieh

IILJ Working Paper 2017/3 (MegaReg Series)

China and Global Regulatory Coherence: An Uneasy Relationship?

Han-Wei LiuChing-Fu Lin

IILJ Working Paper 2017/1 (MegaReg Series)

International Investment Law and Arbitration: A Conceptual Framework

Robert Howse

IILJ Working Paper 2016/3 (MegaReg Series)

Is the Trans-Pacific Partnership’s Investment Chapter the New “Gold Standard”?

José E. Alvarez

IILJ Working Paper 2016/2 (MegaReg Series)

Democracy Captured: The Mega-Regional Agreements and the Future of Global Public Law

Eyal Benvenisti

IILJ Working Paper 2016/1 (MegaReg Series)

State Regulatory Capacity and Administrative Law and Governance Under Globalization

Richard B. Stewart