International Economic Law in Times of Crisis: Implications of the Russia-Ukraine WTO Panel Report

This event, also livestreamed, will address the historical importance of this decision, the likely consequences for the Trump administration’s defense of its own tariffs on national security grounds, and the systemic implications for the international trade and investment regimes.>

From Slaves to Prisoners of War: The Ottoman Empire, Russia, and International Law

Prof Smiley's book offers new perspectives on the histories of the Ottoman and Russian Empires, of slavery, and of international law.>

A Conversation with Dr Fang Liu, Secretary-General of the ICAO

Dr. Fang Liu, Secretary General of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), will visit the law school for a conversation about 'soft' law, counter-terrorism, and more.>

Data Law in a Global Digital Economy

This symposium examines how law does, should, or can affect data ownership, concentration, and control in a global digital economy. >

IILJ Mini Workshop: Territoriality in the History of International Law

Part of the project on International Legal Orders and their histories>

North Korea and Other Challenges Facing the UN

A conversation with David Malone, moderated by José E. Alvarez>