IILJ History and Theory of International Law Workshop: International Legal Orders as Histories, China and the West

This workshop explores roles of ideas about history in ordering projects past and present. We launch the discussion from two starting points with authors of major recent scholarly contributions, with the aim however of generating a unified inquiry. >

Governance Feminism: Assessing Feminist Reform Today

Several key participants in the Governance Feminism books will convene to explore the implications of finding feminist ideas and actual feminists in power, while in contestation among themselves and with other powerful forces in contemporary global political economy.>

Alvarez and Burci in Conversation: Global Health Governance and the WHO

Prof. Gian Burci, a leading expert on the WHO, will join Prof. Alvarez for a conversation about global health governance. >

Data Law in a Global Digital Economy

This symposium examines how law does, should, or can affect data ownership, concentration, and control in a global digital economy. >

North Korea and Other Challenges Facing the UN

A conversation with David Malone, moderated by José E. Alvarez>