Book Launch

Launch of Christine Chinkin’s Women, Peace and Security and International Law

With Eyal Benvenisti, Hilary Charlesworth, Radhika Coomaraswamy, Grainne de Burca, Monica Hakimi, Mary Kaldor, Karen Knop, and Keina Yoshida.>

GRIPS Forum: Megaregulation Contested

The IILJ's latest publication Megaregulation Contested will be the subject of a GRIPS Forum in Tokyo >

Book Launch: Megaregulation Contested

Robert O. Keohane and Katharina Pistor will join editors, contributors, colleagues and friends for a discussion of global economic governance and its future>

Book Launch: The Oxford Handbook of United Nations Treaties

Professor Jose Alvarez will lead a discussion with two of the volume’s editors, Simon Chesterman, Dean of the National University of Singapore’s Law School, and David M. Malone, Under-Secretary-General of the UN.>

Book Launch: Hermann Heller’s Sovereignty

Participants include Belinda Cooper, Rob Howse, Jean Cohen, Jefferey Barash, Hubertus Buchstein and Douglas Morris.>