March 10, 2007

Buenos Aires Workshop


As part of an ongoing commitment to increasing the importance of developing country perspectives within the Global Administrative Law Project, NYU co-sponsored, with the Universidad de San Andrés, a workshop focusing on GAL issues within Latin America. The workshop took place from the 9-10 March, 2007 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and dealt with the following issues:

1) Public/private ordering in the global economy: implications for national and transnational administrative law;
2) Transnational investments: treaty-based government and its implications for government, civil society and public services;
3) The internationalizations of human rights: implications for global administrative law;
4) Anti-money laundering and governance in Latin America
5) Environmental regulation and governance.

Further global administrative law workshops and conferences with developing country partners have been held in New Delhi (5-6 January, 2008) and Cape Town (18-20 March, 2008). Copyright in each of the papers below is held by the author(s), and they reserve all rights. Please contact the authors individually to find out if there is a later or published version of the paper.

Background Materials:


List of contributors

Summary of workshop objectives/issue for discussion


Derecho Internacional de los Derechos Humanos y Políticas Públicas. Justiciabilidad De Los Derechos Sociales En Latinoamérica
Julieta Rossi

La Construcción Global Del Financiamiento Internacional Para El Desarrollo. Derechos Humanos Y Desarrollo Sustentable
Jorge Daniel Taillant

The Silence of the Argentine Courts
Héctor Mairal

Inversiones extranjeras en países en desarrollo: alguien debería intervenir a nivel global?
Ezequiel Nino

Anti-Money Laundering and Governance in Latin America
María Rocha Machado & Guillermo Jorge

The Regulatory Reform in Brazil: New Regulatory Decision-Making and Accountability Mechanisms
Paulo Todescan Lessa Mattos

What International Investment Law and Latin America Can and Should Demand from Each Other: Updating the Bello/Calvo Doctrine in the BIT Generation
Santiago Montt

El Surgimiento del Derecho Administrativo Global (GAL Project framing paper in Spanish)
Benedict Kingsbury, Nico Krisch and Richard B. Stewart