January 6, 2008

New Delhi Conference: India, the South, and the Shaping of Global Administrative Law














As part of its ongoing commitment to strengthening the role of developing country perspectives within the Global Administrative Law Project, NYU co-sponsored, along with the Centre for Policy Research (CPR) in India, a two day conference on “India, the South and the Shaping of Global Administrative Law”. This is the second such event that NYU has held along with its developing country partners: the first took place from 9-10 March 2007 in Buenos Aires, co-sponsored with the Universidad de San Andrés Law School.

The Delhi Conference addressed three types of issues: foundational questions, relating to the definition and scope of GAL; questions relating to the impact of global regulation on government decisions in India and the region more broadly; and questions of how domestic practices and institutions can contribute to the development of GAL in general. More concretely, the Conference tackled issues such as accountability and transparency in the fields of development, conservation and security; the regulation of economic regulators; the role of the news media in providing accountability in global governance; the GAL-related elements of the TRIPS regime; climate change; and the administration of democracy in times of political crisis. We hope to make the papers available on this page at some point in early 2008.

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