August 30, 2016

Joseph H.H. Weiler, Ryan Goodman back full-time at NYU

After a 4-year term as President of the European University Institute in Italy, in August 2016 Professor JHH Weiler returned to full-time teaching at NYU Law School. A leading scholar of EU, WTO, and international law, he also serves as Editor of the European Journal of International Law, and with NYU Law Professor Grainne de Burca as joint Editor of the International Journal of Constitutional Law.

Professor Ryan Goodman has returned to full-time teaching at NYU Law School following a leave to work in the U.S. Department of Defense. A leading scholar of laws of war and international human rights, he runs the well-known Just Security blog, and is co-editor (with NYU Law Professor Philip Alston) of the leading international human rights law casebook.


Benedict Kingsbury, Ryan Goodman, and Richard B. Stewart