August 22, 2016

Megaregulation after TPP Conference with UNU & GRIPS in Tokyo


The MegaReg project discussed the future of regulatory alignment on a megaregional scale (‘mega-regulation’) after TPP in a workshop in Tokyo, organized in cooperation with David Malone (United Nations University) and Atsushi Sunami of the National Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS).


Welcome: Atsushi Sunami & David Malone

Session 1: Contested Megaregulation
Chair: Atsushi Sunami

Megaregionalism, Regulatory Alignment, Shortcomings, and Discontents
Benedict Kingsbury

TPP, Donald Trump, and After: a Subaltern Perspective
B.S. Chimni

Expertise and Populism
Annelise Riles

Session 2: National Interests and Regulatory Reform
Chair: David Malone

TPP and National Regulatory Reform in Japan
Atsushi Sunami, Kenichi Kawasaki, Michael Huang, Ikeda Yoko

Regulatory Coherence/ Administrative Law as Instruments of Influence
Paul Mertenskötter

Lunch Speech by Mr. Yasutoshi Nishimura (Member, House of Representatives)

Session 3: TPP’s Institutions & Dispute Settlement
Chair: Annaelise Riles

Rob Howse

Investor-State Dispute Settlement
Chin Leng Lim

Session 4: GVCs, the Digital Economy, and Development
Chair: Rob Howse

Trade Facilitation
Antonia Eliason

Digital Economy
Thomas Streinz

Session 5: Economic Effects and Exchange Rate Regulation
Chair: Michelle Sanchez Badin

Effects on SMEs
Dan Ciuriak

Exchange Rate Regulation
Naoyuki Yoshino/ Matthias Helble

Session 6: Third Parties
Chair: Antonia Eliason

Third Party Effects of Megaregionals
Rochelle Dreyfuss

Thailand and Public Health
Kiyoshi Adachi

Joseph Koesnaidi

Session 7: Latin American Perspectives
Chair: Rochelle Dreyfuss

Fabio Morosini & Michelle Sanchez Badin

Regional Integration
Rodrigo Polanco

Chile, Peru, Mexico
Julia Muir

Benedict Kingsbury, Atsushi Sunami, David Malone