July 2, 2016

MegaReg: TPP Workshop, NYU School of Law

The MegaReg project hosted an authors-only workshop to discuss draft papers and ideas in preparation for a book on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).


Day 1: Friday July 1st, 2016

Session 1: Introduction, Framing, and the Politics and Political Economy of the TPP 

Framing: Benedict Kingsbury & Richard B. Stewart || Discussants: Andrew Hurrell, Turkuler Isiksel, & Joseph H. H. Weiler

The Political Economy of TPP, illustrated by SMEs: Dan Ciuriak || Discussant: Ardevan Yaghoubi

Session 2: Global Value Chains and Trade Facilitation

GVC and Contractual Governance: Don Robertson || Discussant: Dave Trubek

GVC and Regulation: Charles Sabel || Discussant: Richard B. Stewart

Customs & Trade Facilitation: Antonia Eliason || Discussant: Edefe Ojomo

Session 3: “Non-Tariff Barriers,” Social Protection, and Adminsitrative Law

Regulatory Impact Assessments: Michael Livermore & Jason Schwartz || Discussant: Charles Sabel

Administrative Law: Richard B. Stewart & Paul Mertenskötter || Discussant: Joseph H. H. Weiler

Labor and Social Dimensions of TPP: Alvaro Santos || Discussant: Rob Howse

Session 4: Digital Economy, Intellectual Property, Investment, and Third Party Interests

Digital Economy: Thomas Streinz

Intellectual Property: Rochelle Dreyfuss || Discussant: Kiyoshi Adachi

Investment Protection/ISDS: Rob Howse || Discussant: José E. Alvarez

Day 2: Saturday July 2nd, 2016

Session 5: Country Perspectives: Parties and Non-Parties

China: Jing Tao || Discussant: Michael Huang

Brazil: Dave Trubek & Fabio Morosini || Discussant: Andrew Hurrell

Chile, Peru, Mexico: Julia Muir || Discussant: Alvaro Santos

Session 6: Final Roundtable Discussion

Presentation and discussion of drafts by contributors not present

Book timeline and framing