The Indicators projects has resulted in a number of books, articles, and chapters, which were partly preceded by Working Papers.


Governance by Indicators

Kevin E. DavisAngelina FisherBenedict KingsburySally Engle Merry

The Quiet Power of Indicators

Sally Engle MerryKevin E. DavisBenedict Kingsbury

Articles & Chapters

32 Law & Social Inquiry (2007)

Taking the Measure of Law: The Case of the Doing Business Project

Kevin E. DavisMichael B. Kruse

52 Current Anthropology (2011)

Measuring the World: Indicators, Human Rights, and Global Governance

Sally Engle Merry


Working Papers

IILJ Working Paper 2010/2 (Revised)

Indicators as a Technology of Global Governance

Kevin E. DavisBenedict KingsburySally Engle Merry

IILJ Working Paper 2008/12 (Global Administrative Law Series)

The Trust in Indicators: Measuring Human Rights

Margaret SatterthwaiteAnnJanette Rosga