September 15, 2010

IILJ Indicators Workshop

Research Scholars Network Workshop: Supported by National Science Foundation.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010
Indicators as Means of Solving Social Problems

(i) Indicator Construction: the case of state “effectiveness” index
Nehal Bhuta: a study of the measures of the strength and weakness of states and their likelihood of states’ failure (or prospects for success

(ii) The interplay of international and national actors: construction and use of IDP-related indicators
Rene Urueña: a study of the role of global indicators in the implementation of internally displaced population policy in Colombia.

(iii) Demand, Supply and Use of Indicators: Labor Market Regulation 
Paul Benjamin: a study of the impact of indicators of labour market regulation on developing countries, with a particular emphasis on countries within Southern African region.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010
Study of Indicator Production

(i) Measuring law and legal institutions
Christopher Bradley: a study of Freedom in the World index produced by Freedom House
Mihaela Serban: a study of the construction and use of the “rule of law” indicator in Central and Eastern Europe post-1989, focusing particularly on Romania and Hungary
Commentator: Terry Halliday

(ii) Measuring “culture” & “practices”
Galit Sarfaty: a study of initiatives measuring corporate social responsibility (GRI, Global Compact, Dow Jones Sustainability Index, ISO standards).
Jane Anderson: a study of the emergence of cultural indicators in relation to Indigenous peoples issues.
Commentator: Sally Merry 

Study of Indicator Use

(i) Indicators, Health Policy and Scientific Knowledge Production
Paola Bergallo: a study of indicators in health policymaking and human rights advocacy within the particular context of three health policy realms in Argentina: infant and maternal health and HIV/AIDS.
Rene Gerrets: a study examining the social shaping of scientific knowledge production in a Tanzania-based clinical trial.
Commentator: Josh DeWind, SSRC

Study of Indicator Use cont’d

(ii) Measuring Good Governance 
Luciana Gross Cunha: a study of the impacts of the Brazilian Justice Confidence Index, with a particular focus on how the index influences the public and policymakers in Brazil and neighboring countries and comparing it to similar indicators produced by extra-national bodies.
Yamini Aiyar: a study of the impact in India of the Corruption Perception Index produced by Transparency International.
Commentator: Kevin Davis

Discussion and Wrap Up

** Members of the research scholars network unable participate in the first workshop:

Migai Akech: a study of the impact in Kenya of the Corruption Perception Index and Bribery Index produced by Transparency International

Nikhil Dutta: a study of development aid organizations’ application of quantitative monitoring and evaluation methods to “good governance” projects, with particular focus on governance programs in South Asia.