May 23, 2009

GAL Beijing Workshop


IILJ GAL Workshop in Beijing:
“Legal Issues in the Process of Globalization: Globalization and Legal Governance”

Tsinghua University, May 22-23, 2009


Papers (会议论文)

The Institute for International Law and Justice (IILJ) held a Global Administrative Law (GAL) conference in Beijing on May 22-23, in collaboration with Tsinghua University School of Law. This event was also sponsored by The International Development Research Centre, Canada.

From its inception in 2004, the GAL project attached great importance to incorporate expertise from developing countries into its research and has already held workshops in Buenos Aires, Cape Town and New Delhi. The event in Beijing is another important part of this ongoing effort.

Participants from NYU presented papers on various topics from theoretical framework of GAL and its application in particular regulatory areas, such as climate change, financing development, sovereign wealth funds, international trade and intellectual property. The invited Chinese scholars also applied a GAL approach to examine China’s participation in global governance, especially how to use administrative law mechanisms to explore urgent regulatory and institutional reform issues in response to financial turmoil, climate change and trade protectionism.

Global partners of the GAL project also attended this conference. They traveled from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, India and South Africa and made academic contributions to this event from a comparative legal perspective. In addition, the IILJ worked out a future research agenda for the GAL project with global partners and sponsors in Beijing.