ICON-S 2019 Annual Conference on “Public Law in Times of Change?”

Jul 1 3, 2019

The ICON-S 2019 Annual Conference—on “Public Law in Times of Change?”—will be held at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile in Santiago, on July 1-3, 2019. A provisional Conference program is now available here.

Benedict Kingsbury will chair a panel on “The Global Public Law of Private Infrastructure” and Angelina Fisher will present on “International Organizations as Global Regulators of Digital Data Flows” for a panel on “Global Data Governance and the Future of International Organizations”.

About ICON-S and its Annual Conference:

The Society was officially launched at an Inaugural Conference that took place in Florence, Italy, on June 26-28, 2014. The European University Institute and NYU School of Law sponsored this important event. The Conference combined the best practices of the genre. There were plenary sessions with invited speakers, commentators and floor discussions on themes that define and reflect the scope of the new Society.

The successful format of the Inaugural Conference has been replicated in Annual meetings, held in New York (2015), Berlin (2016), Copenhagen (2017) and Hong Kong (2018). Such events promoted the growth of the Society—which counts over 1.000 active members—and the establishment of regional and national chapters.