August 10, 2016

ASIL International Economic Law Interest Group meeting


The International Economic Law Interest Group of the American Society of International Law promotes academic interest, discussion, research, and publication on subjects broadly related to the transnational movement and regulation of goods, services, persons, and capital. International law topics include trade law, investment law, economic integration law, private law, business regulation, financial law, tax law, intellectual property law, and the role of law in development. The group provides a forum for interdisciplinary exploration of public and private international and municipal law, and is particularly interested in promoting the work and interests of new practitioners and scholars in the field. Its activities also include sponsoring panels at the ASIL Meeting and co-sponsoring conferences with allied organizations.

This year’s conference has the theme ‘Making International Economic Law Work: Integrating Disciplines and Broadening Policy Choices’. The MegaReg project  will be represented by Professor Richard B. Stewart and Fellows Paul Mertenskötter and Thomas Streinz.