Emerging Scholarship Conference

The IILJ actively encourages scholarship and publication while students are pursuing their degrees.

The Annual International Law and Human Rights Emerging Scholarship Conference provides an opportunity for students to present a paper, usually based on work developed from papers prepared for classes or internships (for example at the ILC). The IILJ invites external commentators — usually faculty from NYU or other law schools, visiting research fellows, or experts from organizations like the ACLU, the Brennan Center, or Human Rights Watch — to provide feedback on the papers. This formal commentary is followed by a brief period for questions from student commentators (including 1L Scholars) and the audience at large.

In the months prior to the conference, the IILJ holds informal writing workshops at which students can present drafts and seek advice from the Program Director and IILJ Fellows on developing the papers for presentation.

If you have any questions about this event, contact IILJ Program Director Angelina Fisher at angelina.fisher@gmail.com

Past Conferences: