Law and Global Governance

Global governance involves the exercise of power and authority by international organizations, private entities, and national government agencies reaching beyond a single state. This seminar addresses the design, problem structures, and current and future legal regulation of these exercises of power, including through accountability requirements of transparency, participation, reason-giving, and liability (“global administrative law”). One focus is megaregional-scale ordering projects, such as the 11-country Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and China’s Belt & Road, including effects on regulation, on third parties, and on justice. A second focus is globalization and automation more broadly, and ways of legally managing its implications for jobs, equality, life-capabilities, and justice. Who are the winners and losers in these processes? A third focus is private governance, which is rising in importance as inter-governmental institutions face intensified challenges from nationalist or populist political forces. The seminar provides an opportunity to become involved in NYU’s pathbreaking GAL project, Megaregionals project, and Infrastructure project.

Law and Global Governance in Spring 2020

Law and Global Governance in Fall 2021

Law and Global Governance in Spring 2023