Mariana Valverde in conversation with Benedict Kingsbury & Sally Merry

Apr 9, 2019
4:00pm - 6:00pm

A public session of the 2019 IILJ Colloquium: Infrastructure, Rights and Regulation

Decisions about the design, financing, construction, and use of infrastructure have tremendous effects on all aspects of life, society, economy, and security. The 2019 IILJ Colloquium is about the relations of infrastructures to law, rights, and regulation. We seek collectively to distill some of the most promising ideas for thinking differently about infrastructural rights and regulation, time and space, equities and justice now and in the future—and to use these ideas to think differently about law.


Guest Speaker: Mariana Valverde, University of Toronto.

Topic: Infrastructure Contracts, Regulation & Financing in Public-Private Partnerships

Location: Vanderbilt Hall, Room 202, 40 Washington Square South.