February 25, 2011

Emerging Scholarship Conference 2011


Thursday February 24, 2011

Joanna Langille: “Neither Constitution nor Contract: Understanding the WTO by Examining the Legal Limits on Contracting Out through Regional Trade Agreements” (C: Afilalo & Zang; SC: Graham & Brender)

Wamiq Chowdhury: “Umbrella Clauses in Investment Arbitration: Reframing the Debate” (C: Howse & Chalamish; SC: Reisch & Chiu)

Thomas Earnest: “National Security Electronic Surveillance in Europe and the U.S.: Comparative Considerations for Review of the FISA Amendments Act of 2008” (C: Rascoff & Zarsky; SC: Chowdhury & Graham)

Nikki Reisch: “Unpacking Kiobel: Conceptions of International Law in the Debate on Corporate Liability for Violations of Human Rights” (C: Narula & Goldhaber; SC: Langille & Ashamu)

Julian Arato: “Two Perspectives on the Material Constitution of the United Nations: Qualifying U.N. Security Council ‘Legislation’ in Terms of Constitutionality and Constitutionalism” (C: Murphy & Venzke; SC: Bloch-Wehba & Sinha)

Ben Heath: “Legitimacy and Reflexivity in Emergency Governance: The Case of the WHO” (C: Alvarez & Goldmann; SC: Faiman & Lobo)

Friday February 25, 2011

Elizabeth Ashamu: “Beyond ‘International Crimes’ and ‘Gross Violations’: Restricting the Reach of Impunity through the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights” (C: Mutasah; SC: Heath & Arato)

Christine Chiu: “Challenging Amnesty Laws: Why, When and How” (C: Langer & Berman; SC: Craig, Gulizia & Thomas)

Margaret Graham: “National Security Standing” (C: Satterthwaite & Abdo; SC: Ashamu & Earnest)


Alexander A. Abdo
National Security Project, ACLU

Ari Afilalo
Emile Noel Fellow / Rutgers-Camden

José Alvarez
NYU School of Law

Emily Berman
Brennan Center for Justice

Efraim Chalamish
NYU School of Law

Michael Goldhaber
Fordham University School of Law

Matthias Goldmann
Hans Kelsen Scholar / Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law

Rob Howse
NYU School of Law

Maximo Langer
NYU Scholar-in-Residence / UCLA

Liam Murphy
NYU School of Law

Tawanda Mutasah
NYU School of Law

Smita Narula
Center for Human Rights & Global Justice

Samuel Rascoff
NYU School of Law

Meg Satterthwaite
NYU School of Law

Ingo Venzke
Hauser Research Scholar / University of Frankfurt

Michele Zang
Emile Noel Fellow / Durham University

Tal Zarsky
Global Research Fellow / University of Haifa