March 6, 2010

7th Annual Human Rights Emerging Scholarship Conference (2010)


Friday March 5, 2010

Brian Abrams: Past Approaches to International Oversight of StateBuilding Activities and the Future of Transformative Occupation (C: Keohane and Kumm; SC: Brender and Bridgeman)

Elizabeth Ashamu: A New Paradigm in Forest Governance? An Analysis of Trends in Community Ownership, Wealth Sharing and Management in Southern Sudan (C: Lawson Remer and Livermore; SC: Dutta and Ebadolahi)

Tess Bridgeman: Legal Black Holes and the Missing Role of Neutrality in our Law of War Paradigm (C: Kretzmer and Salzman; SC: Abrams and Chiu)

Nikhil Dutta: The Evolution of Russian Legal Institutions (C: Hertig and Frye; SC: Cardos and Gabbard)

Do Hyun Kim: Investor-State Arbitration Under Fire: Judicialization of ICSID Tribunals and the Need for a Substantive Review Mechanism (C: Ferrari and Howse; SC: Jacobson and Wang )

Mitra Ebadolahi: Counterterrorism as Structural Violence (C: Bhuta and Rascoff; SC: Earnest and Reisch)

Wamiq Chowdhury: Enhancing the Legitimacy of Investor-State Arbitration: Prospects for ICSID Reform (C: Ferrari and Hulbert; SC: Ashamu and Kim)

Saturday March 6, 2010

Ted Cardos: Groupthink at Basel: How Transparency and Participation Made Basel II Worse(C: De Bellis and Hertig; SC: Arato and Gabbard)

Margaret Graham: “Notice and Comment for Executive Agreements: A Response to Hathaway’s Proposal (C: Epstein and Herz; SC: Dutta and Langille)

Joanna Langille: “Neither Constitution nor Contract: Reconceptualising the WTO by Examining Legal Limits on Contracting Out through RTAs(C: Kelly and Tancredi; SC: Cardos and Jacobson)

Sophy Wang: “John Rawls’s Original Position and International Trade” (C: Howse and Klabbers; SC: Brender and Reisch)

Julian Arato: “Bases of Treaty Reinterpretation over Time: “Subsequent Practice” and “Evolutive” Interpretation(C: Howse and Villalpando; SC: Bridgeman and Earnest)


Maurizia de Bellis
Hauser Research Scholar, University of Rome

Nehal Bhuta
The New School (GPIA)

David Epstein
Columbia Law School

Franco Ferrari
NYU School of Law

Angelina Fisher
IILJ Program Director

Timothy Frye
Columbia University, Political Science Department

Gerard Hertig
Global Faculty, ETH Zurich

Michael Herz
Cardozo School of Law

Rob Howse
NYU School of Law

Richard Hulbert
Cleary Gottlieb Steen and Hamilton

Claire Kelly
Brooklyn Law School

Robert Keohane
Woodrow Wilson School

Jan Klabbers
Straus Fellow, Helsinki University

David Kretzmer
Straus Fellow, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Mattias Kumm
NYU School of Law

Terra Lawson Remer
The New School (GPIA)

Michael Livermore
Institute for Policy 

Samuel Rascoff
NYU School of Law

Zoe Salzman
CHRGJ Clinical Contract Attorney

Antonello Tancredi
Global Emile Noel Fellow, University of Palermo

Santiago Villalpando
United Nations (OLA)