March 6, 2009

6th Annual Emerging Human Rights Scholarship Conference (2009)


Friday February 27, 2009

International Law and Global Governance

Nikhil Dutta: Accountability in Generation of Governance Indicators

Tess Bridgeman: Accountability and the World Bank Inspection Panel

Matt Haar: Responsibility of international organizations

Ted Cardos: Transparency, Groupthink and GAL

International Trade and Investment

Sasha Khrebtukova: International Climate and International Trade Regimes

Brian Abrams: Individual Compensation in Diplomatic Protection

Do Hyun Kim: International Investment Treaty Arbitration & Defragmentation

Sophy Wang: China’s Free Trade Agreements and Fragmentation

Seth Gurgel: Chinese Constitutional Law

Friday March 6, 2009

Binish Hasan: Religious Contestation and the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women International Trade and Investment

Mila Gudkov: The Dispute Settlement Body of the WTO: Zeroing in on Precedent

Cathy Sweetser: Chevron v. Skidmore: Administrative Deference and International Trade Climate Change & Regulation

Sandy Mayson: Carbon Footprint Labeling, International Standardization and Global Governance

Bryant Walker-Smith: Managing Climate Risk Through Conditionality Issues in International Law

David Jacobson: The European Arrest Warrant Act Case: German Counterterrorism Regulations, Judicial Opposition, and Reclaiming Democracy Post- 9/11


Eyal Benvenisti
Lorenzo Casini
Jerome Cohen
Sarah Dadush
Kevin Davis
Angelina Fisher
Xiuli Han
Thomas Kellogg
Benedict Kingsbury
Tally Kritzberg
Euan MacDonald
Samuel Rascoff
Bryce Rudyk
Mario Savino
Richard B. Stewart
Rene Urena
Armin von Bogdandy
Santiago Villalpando
Mila Versteeg