March 7, 2013

Annual International Law and Human Rights Student Scholarship Conference 2013

Jonathan Cardenas: The Contractual Protection of International Project Finance in Latin America: An Economic and Comparative Analysis of Legal Stabilization in Argentina and Colombia

Elspeth Faiman Hans: Global Fund Country Coordinating Mechanisms A Global Administrative Law Assessment

Hannah Bloch-Wehba: Confronting Totalitarianism at Home: The Roots of European Privacy Protections

Elena Lobo: Meeting at the Margins; The Margin of Appreciation in the European Court of Human Rights

Mae Nguyen: Business Governance in Vietnam: Impacts of International and Domestic Competitiveness Indicators

Adria Gulizia: Making a List and Checking it Twice: Compliance and Countermeasures at the FATF

May Miller-Dawkins: (Hydro)power politics: Local participation, national development and the emergence of the hybrid-private global governance of hydropower projects

Nakesha Figaro: Administering Haitian Statelessness

Johan Heymans: Sentencing at the ICC: the principle of proportionality

Kaveri Vaid: Selecting Situations to Fill the Gaps: An Analysis of Proprio Motu Decision-Making

Julianne Marley: Environmental “Endangerment Findings” in Investment Tribunals