Privatization of Development Assistance Symposium

The Privatization of Development Assistance: Symposium Overview, Sarah Dadush (IILJ, NYU School of Law) and Kevin Davis (NYU School of Law)



Christian Barry (Australian National University), Just Tax Treatment for Migrants Remitting to the Developing World

Sarah Dadush (IILJ, NYU School of Law), Profiting in (RED): The Need for Enhanced Transparency in Cause-Related Marketing

Kevin Davis (NYU School of Law) and Anna Gelpern (American University School of Law), Private Financing for Global Development: Governing the Intermediaries

Raj M. Desai (Brookings and School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University), Do Philanthropic Citizens Behave Like Governments?

Devesh Kapur (University of Pennsylvania) and Dennis Whittle (GlobalGiving), Will The Privatization Of Foreign Aid Enhance Accountability?

Suhas Ketkar (Vanderbilt University, Department of Economics), Diaspora Bonds as a New Funding Vehicle for Developing Countries

Heidi Metcalf (Center for Global Prosperity, Hudson Institute), The Role of Private Actors in Development

Jonathan Morduch (NYU Wagner) and Jonathan Conning (NYU Wagner), Social Investment

Eric Zolt (UCLA Law School), Tax and Privately-Funded Development Assistance